"Particulate pollution is the most important contaminant in our air...We know that when levels go up people die."
Joel Schwartz., Harvard School of Public Health, E Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2002.

"There has got to be an understanding that people who complain about smoke have a legitimate case, the medical  
science is on their side now." - Professor David Bowman, Tasmania. ABC News Feb. 20, 2012

“you don’t necessarily get away from air pollution by being further from the sources” - Helen ApSimon, professor  
of air pollution studies at Imperial College London.

"Outdoor air pollution a leading environmental cause of cancer deaths." - IRAC 17/10/2013.
The specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer  
(IARC), announced today that it has classified outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1).  
After thoroughly reviewing the latest available scientific literature, world leading experts convened by the IARC  
Monographs Programme concluded that there is sufficient evidence that exposure to outdoor air pollution causes lung  
cancer (Group 1). They also noted a positive association with an increased risk of bladder cancer.  
Particulate matter, a major component of outdoor air pollution, was evaluated separately and was also classified as  
carcinogenic to humans (Group 1).

"Tragically only half of " all women diagnosed with lung cancer
are alive one  year after diagnosis.
"Lung cancer has a five-year survival rate  of just 16 percent" - American Lung Association

"Air pollution is a "silent killer" and is unique in that it affects the entire population"
- Dr. Michael Brauer, professor, school of population and public health, University of British Columbia.  

Landmark decision:
Judge Hill in Washington State recognizes Constitutional and Public Trust Rights.      Announces  
it is the Washington Department of Ecology's Legal Duty to Protect Atmosphere for Present and  
Future Generations.
Press release: http://ourchildrenstrust.org/sites/default/files/15.11.20WADecisionPR.pdf
Court Decision: http://ourchildrenstrust.org/sites/default/files/15.11.19.Order_FosterV.Ecology.pdf
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